Movie Poster Parody Comp

We’re proud to present our latest and greatest movie poster parody comp. Lenin illustrated it completely on the computer in his signature digital color style. Check out more of his stellar work

Lenin’s take on the classic 1976 horror movie, Carrie, rendered in a red hot, flat graphic style.

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: B&W Pencil > Category: Comics, Superhero

Holy uninspired casting Batman! Here’s something we dug out of the archives. A couple of Batman comic sample pages created by Envisionaire’s comic fanboy and artist, Lenin Delsol. In case you didn’t know, Lenin used to draw comics back in the day, most notably for First Comics Starslayer. Enjoy and stay tuned Bat-fans!

With a name like Lenin you can count on Envisionaire’s leader to be a fan of spy films. His latest movie poster parody is an homage to THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. While Lenin’s no former covert operative like Jason Bourne, he along with the rest of our team are assets you want on your side. Highly trained in the art of storyboards, Lenin often works under the cover of darkness to deliver the goods on target and on time. Armed with intelligence and speed, Lenin’s got the drawing chops to create whatever you can imagine. Want to experience Board Supremacy? Engage Lenin on your next assignment.

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: Color Noir > Category: Self-Promotion, Men, Sci Fi

Our newest movie poster parody. Lenin went old school and revisited the 1990 version of TOTAL RECALL. We’ll be honest, in this field of quick deadlines “Total Redraw” is not a phrase we like to hear uttered—ever. Fortunately we work with some clever creatives AND we like to think we “get it” the first time around. A trip to REDRAW is a rare occurrence around here. That said, as creative folk, we know those silly clients can and do change their mind from time to time. Rest assured we’re here and on board to make your advertising fantasies real without any mind bending drama. Just tell us what you want and we’ll draw it. Again. And again, until we create what you want.

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: Color Noir > Category: Self Promotion

A Color Noir comp that plays on the 2011 movie, DRIVE. Starring Lenin Delsol as Drawer, a Chicago illustrator for hire, drawing for advertising creatives day and night. Drawer is in demand. You put a pencil in his hand, there’s nothing he can’t draw. Check out the rest of Lenin’s work here.

Lenin custom created this Hyper Color sample for a potential client to show that he could illustrate African-American women and girls. Needless to say the client was impressed and Envisionaire got the job. Be sure to check out the rest of Lenin’s work.